Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter & First Weekend of Spring

Easter weekend was great! On Saturday Brittany & I met up with my San Diego friends Ian and Whitney Dawson and went to Concord to tour the Louisa May Alcott house. The Alcotts lived in this house during the Civil War and is the home where the novel "Little Women" was written and based on.

Later Ian took us to a great sushi resturaunt in Lexington. At one point I got carried away bragging about how much I liked wasabi and got peer pressured into eating a roll with a huge glob of the green stuff. I had fire coming out of my eye sockets! Besides that, though, the food was really good and we all had a fun time hanging out together.

For Easter Gina Paulino invited Brittany, David, me and some other friends from Boston to spend the day with her family down at Cape Cod. Gina's mom made a huge dinner, her dad hid a bunch of easter eggs, and everyone had a really fun and relaxing day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Law Clerk Job

This last week I started my 1st internship since I started law school. The position is part-time as a law clerk at the Law Offices of Stephen Sutton P.C. The firm specializes in insurance defense for personal injury cases, but also dabbles in Immigration Law and a few plaintiff's cases. The office itself is located at Braintree Hill Business Park and overlooks the South Shore. The view from the office is awesome. Everyone has been really friendly so far, especially the big boss who yesterday told me he'd help me draft my first Rule 14 joinder of a 3rd party defendant and complaint. I feel like this is a great opportunity to get my legal career started.