Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Con Te Partiro Video

This is a song written and recorded by my NESL friend Jon Yasuda. Jon decided to make a video and cast me and some of my friends from NESL as we hit the streets of Boston promoting awareness of the danger of STDs. It's pretty silly, but it was fun.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Buffy's Wedding

My littlest sister Buffy got married on Jan. 18th in the San Diego Temple. Most people wouldn't think January would be an ideal month to get married but in San Diego it works pretty well. The whole weekend was a blur; I was designated as the unofficial airport taxi driver picking up and driving relatives back and forth from the temple to the reception and to the hotel. Much of the family was present for Buffy's temple endowment on friday which was pretty special. It was the first time I've been in the temple with one of my siblings, and it was even more special having my grandparents, mom and aunts, uncles and cousins there.

The wedding on Saturday couldn't have turned out better. The weather was clear and nice and the temple was not so crowded. In the summer dozens of couples are married each day. Saturday only 3 couples were married, so the officiator was able to spend a lot of time with the ceremony. The reception later in the day was really well put together. The decorations were impressive and the program was filled with lots of dancing and singing and fun.

Even though the weekend was jam-packed with weddings stuff, I was able to take my cousin Eric out surfing right before his flight left - it's only his second time surfing. And I got to see one of my old surf buddies from college days and his wife, which was special too. I only got a few pics from the wedding, but for more I'm sure you can check out Buffy's blog and she'll post some soon. PS. A shout out to my cousins Brooke and Katie who told me at the reception I need to update my blog more often!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Holiday Summary

Here's a couple pics of the family over the holidays. All the family went to Wendy and Wayne's house in Mesquite Nevada for Christmas and then I went back with Mom and Buffy to San Diego for the rest the holidays. Aaron and I surfed a lot around the North County, mom joining us a couple times, and I got a 6'4" shortboard to use in SD when I'm home. Mom, Aaron and I also had a fun time at Escondido's First Night for New Years! It was good stuff.

Mountains near Mesquite, Nevada

Gwen at the Valley of Fire Nevada State Park

With a little imagination you can find good surf, even in the desert!!

Wendy and Gwen

Me laughing at the jumbo sized universal remote I got for my dad

Surfboard I scored for $90! Can't wait to test drive it!

Aaron, Mom and I about to surf in Solana Beach

Some killer New Years costumes we made at the First Night