Monday, October 5, 2009

Various Degrees of Honor

The Fall '09 semester, my last semester of my law degree, is well under way. Yet I feel it is a good time to reflect on some of the recent events in the last few months of my life. Reading my last blog entry, I am reminded of the struggle of getting summer started. I guess this summer was one of uncertainty and doubt. I searched for many weeks to find a paid part-time job. Finally had to settle for a paper route, delivering the Boston globe, NY Times, Wall Street Journal at 3am 7 days a week. I never thought I'd be delivering papers at this point of my life, but it was what I had to do.

The summer definitely included some fun stuff too. My internship kept me engaged and doing lots of tours of recycle centers and water treatment plants, ect. My friends kept me busy with trips to Walden Pond, 6-flags, free concerts at the hatchshell and Shakespear at Boston Commons. Through the summer, however, I kept thinking of my fall classes, my plans after law school and wondering how I could get experience in Estate planning/Elder law, if it was really what I wanted to get into.

With School starting again, I got some great news. I recieved the CALI Award (Highest grade in a specific course) for the Tax Clinic and a $3000 grant from the school. I also got all the classes I hoped to get, including Elder Law, Accounting for Lawyers, Tax Reform and Bar Prep. Things were going better.

With classes starting, I started thinking seriously about applying for an LL.M. in Taxation. I talked to a number of attorneys in the past who've said that the program is very beneficial for what I want to do. My friend Candice suggested that I email some Estate Planning attorney's we'd met last semester at a career fair. One of the attorneys I emailed, David Correira, one of the leading Estate planning/Elder Law attorneys in the North East, emailed me back and arranged to meet me. We talked about what I wanted to learn and he offered me a chance this semester to work in his office. Check out this Link: Correira & Iacono David already has me busy reading articles about Trusts, attending NAELA seminars, sitting in on estate planning meetings with wealthy clients and attending social events. I'm very excited about working with his firm this semester!

Having a paper route taught me a lot about life and having a good sense of humor. I also learned not to mess with raccoons when they jump out of a trash can and growl at you. Just get in your car, drive as close to the door as possible, throw the paper and run for it!