Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How To Deal With Winter in the North East

In Boston, winter is a disappointing and substantial portion of the year. I'm the last person to offer any advise on how to enjoy the season. As the snow piles on my car and the streets to ice, my affection for New England quickly turns to disdain.

My ward is renouned for proceeding with church when all others have declared "snow day."

Trying to find parking during a snow emergency occurs about every other Sunday (remember, church proceeds!)

Last weekend, however, my contempt for the cold weather was somewhat subdued upon the discovery of a novel past-time celebrated in these bitter territories. Snowshoeing. Brittany and I joined a small group of New Hampshire and Vermont residents at Bear Pond near Lebanon, NH. The activity was surprisingly invigorating and enjoyable. The people were really fun and upbeat. By the end of the excercise my attitude towards the cold weather had softened substantially and my appreciation for the North East rehabilitated. Now that I've made peace with the winter I'm ready to move on to the spring.

Brittany was so fast in those snowshoes. One of the trail guides, Pete, noted her speed saying, "wow, she's really going!"

I tried my best to look good at snowshoeing in front of the group. Unfortunately I blew my cover as we were heading back and I fell over while trying to say "thank you" to my fellow snowshoers. We all had a good laugh.