Friday, June 19, 2009

Lets get rolling already!

It's summer again in Boston, although you wouldn't know it will all the rain. After a week of lousy weather I was understandably bummed to see more rain in the forecast for the next week. Come on Summer, where you at?

I've been out of school a little over a month now. I closed out the semester with one of my best GPA's in law school so far:

Remedies: C (because technicality that my teacher wouldn't excuse)
Wills, Estates & Trust II - B+
Federal Income Tax - B+
First Amendment Law B+
Tax Clinic - A

Anyways, I was thrilled to get my grades, particularly as I look forward to apply to tax LLM programs this fall.

After I finished finals, I spent two weeks home in San Diego. My sister and I helped my mom buy a new car with her tax return money. We got her a 03 Pontiac Vibe, one previous owner 20,000 mi. It's a beautiful car and it's in mint condition. I also got to see my neices Gwen and Cora which was really fun. (I'll post some pictures of them soon).

Back in Boston I've been trying to get summer work. This week I started a summer internship program at Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) in Wilmington, MA. Unfortunately, the position is unpaid so I'm looking for other part-time work and it's proving more difficult that I thought. Whatever the reason, I'm plugging away, trying to make due and stay optimistic. Overall, I realize I've received a lot of blessings this year and am really grateful. I have great friends and family and have had lots of great opportunities. Good things are in the future!

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Brooke said...

Sweet car you got for your mom! I love it! Looks like things are going super well for you! SO glad!! Have a great summer!