Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last week I began a new internship at the Suffolk County District Attorney's office (Boston). I will be working for the appellate division assisting ADA's (Assistant District Attorney) with appellate briefs. The position gives me the opportunity to develop my legal research, writing and analytical skills with a focus on criminal law. I'll be arguing for the State in opposition of convicted person's appeal to set asside judgment. I'm currently starting out on drug possession cases. I'm really looking forward to working there and getting a perspective of law in the public sector.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School Starts Again!

After a long summer in Boston, I have officially begun my 3rd year of law school. Since I failed to post anything on my blog this summer, I thought I'd make a "Top 10" list of the most noteworthy things I did, or things that happened this summer.

10. Got to visit my former mission companion, Nathan King, in Connecticut where he now lives. 45 mins away!
9. Went on a day trip to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire with Brittany, Spencer, Emily and Christian. Got to go swimming, skim boarding and went to Portsmith for dinner. An awesome day!
8. Got my spring semester grade - Straight B+'s and Deans list!
7. Having my mom visit Boston for the Forth of July week. We did numerous tours and museums and watched the Boston Pops concert with Rascall Flatts at the Hatchshell, surviving a torrential rain storm.
6. Trip to Washington DC to visit David Truscott. We got to see all the monuments, including the Holocaust Museum and a trip to the DC temple.
5. Portland, Maine with the Ian & Whitany Dawson and Brittany. The lighthouse there was amazing!
4. Seeing the Red Sox at Fenway park on Labor Day Weekend with my friend Aaron Birch
3. Trip to Montreal with Ian and Whitney Dawson, my Mom and Brittany. On the way back we came down through NY and got to see the old Fort Ticonderoga. It was amazing!
2. Going to New York City with Brittany and her friends and sisters and staying at the New York Plaza Hotel. Luxury!
1. White-Trash road trip to North Carolina. A group of us left Boston to visit Trisha Cheney's family and got to enjoy Southern Living for a weekend, including getting to see a NASCAR event.