Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Family Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving week was a busy one! My Mom and my sister flew in Tuesday morning right before the snow started to come down. But the snow only lasted a couple hours and it added to the holiday excitement. During the week I took the fam on the Freedom Trail tour, the Museum of Science, a Bruin's hockey game, the USS Constitution, Mike's Pastries, Plimouth Plantation, Lexington Green, Old North Bridge in Concord, Salem's Witch Museum, Mt. Auburn Cemetery. I was also really stokd cause it's was my sister's first trip to the EC and my mom's second, so I was glad they got to do a lot. We also had a great time hanging out with my roommates and friends!

Mom and Buffy and the USS Constitution

Buffy above the Old North Bridge in Concord

Lexington Battle Green

Mom, Buffy and I at Plimouth Plantation

Plimouth Plantation

Buffy, Gina and Tia: Picture Time!

I helped the local pilgrims with a little wood stacking action

Bruins vs NY Islanders. We won 2-1.

TD BankNorth Garden - The Bruins and the Celtics play here

Mom and Buffy at Sleep Hollow Cemetery

Vista from Mt. Auburn Cemetery


Monday, November 19, 2007

The Beard Revolution

The Beatles wrote the stirring words: "You say you want a Revolution, well you know, we all want to change the World." That is the same sentiment that inspired what came to be known around 82 Spruce St. as the "Beard Revolution." Initially, we supposed that the idea would not be so popular among the female population, but throwing caution to the wind, Jared boldy created a facebook group dedicated to the cause: Screw the Ladies, I'm Growing a Beard.

Weeks passed. Membership of the pro-beard Facebook group steadily increased. Many posted their support by leaving messages of encouragement; others vowed to start local chapters of the Beard Revolution in Arizona and Utah. One dedicated pro-beard activist even pledged to start a beard chapter at BYU, which outlaws beards as a matter of school policy. (While avoiding incitation, the BYU Chapter would provide a supportive forum for young men who would grow beards but for the BYU policy.)

While the Beard Revolution has enjoyed a powerful support, the reality is that circumstances often circumscribe our ability to maintain a beard. We find ourselves shaving to comply with dress code standards or like scenarios. The success of the Beard Revolution was not meant to be measured by it's duration. Rather, it is the spirit of the Revolution that will win the day. From the start, everyone who has dedicated themselves to growing a beard, whether it was for 1 week, 2 months, or even just 3 days, has expericence a degree of manly satisfaction. The Beard Revolution has sent a message to all the ladies in the world (and the wards) that some dudes are still okay with being Manly! If you support the Beard Revolution please contact your local chapter and find out how you can help today!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pride and Prejudice Dance

This Saturday night was Pride & Prejudice dance at Harvard. For the past four weeks Winston Tao and others have conducted weekly rehearsals to teach the five dances from the movie. The dance was held in a beautiful room on campus at Harvard University with a large dance floor and area for the string ensemble to perform. Everyone who participated came dressed in formal attire and the ladies looked amazing. The girls got "dance cards" which named each of the dances to be performed during the evening and a line where the gentlemen could sign his name to reserve a dance with the lady.

Carly and I came together dressed for the occasion. Carly sewed her own dress and also sewed a cravat which I wore with a vest. We walked in the room, filled with people elegantly dressed and the sound of the orchestra warming up, hung up our coats and joined in the fun. Winston welcomed eveyone and the dancing began. The cold weather outside made the warm room seem most comfortable. I met lots of nice people and had some good laughs. I also got some quality exercise. It was definately one of the funnest cultural events i've been involved in since I moved out to Boston. I'm looking forward to more in the future.

Getting ready to dance

Orchestra performing "Jane & Bingley's First Dance"

All the lovely girls

Tia and I

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Finally... Decent Surf!!

This weekend the East Coast finally got some decent swell activity. Besides a pitiful attempt to get waves in RI last month, this is the first time I've got to surf since August in San Diego. I was so stoked when I pulled up to the beach and saw conditions! The waves were super clean and the sets were coming in around 3-5ft. Water temp was 49. The wind was blowing straight offshore, making it hard to catch the waves, but once you caught one it was worth it. I got 8 decent rides in 2 hours and didn't have to share the waves with anyone. Eat that San Diego!

The picture above I took at Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA. I took this about 2 minutes before I jumped in the water and paddled out. Two hours of heaven! Birchy, I wish you were there, bro!